July 6-10

This week we’ll learn how to communicate with animals in the wild and reveal the magical creatures within ourselves. We’ll discover what different animals can teach us, like learning steadfast perseverance from  ants, or determined courage from the lion. We’ll explore the winged freedom of the Pegasus and the the poetic mystery of the mermaid. Animals can be uncanny symbols. What does it mean when you see a pair of ravens? How about a fox? What’s the best way to befriend the Fey?

But most essentially, how can connecting with the animal world help us to become better humanimals? We’ll howl with wolves, dance like swans and light a dragon fire.

Transfiguration runs July 6-10 from 9-4:30
The play will be presented Friday at 4. Plan to arrive at 3:30 to pack up.

$350 includes all materials and snacks.

If you need a new robe, wand, or polo shirt, order them on the application.

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