Welcome to Treewild!

Treewild Forest Classroom is a year-long program offered as a one-day alternative school that supports and supplements a regular school week. Tuesday class is for younger children (K-2) and Wednesday is for older kids (3rd grade and up.)
Treewild Forest Classroom is a year-long commitment. Your deposit will be applied towards the first month’s tuition.

In 2021, our opening day is September 28th.  Treewild runs from 9am to 3pm each day. We will follow the CVSD school calendar and finish the first week of June, for a total of 31 weeks.

Treewild does not usually take off for weather. We encourage appropriate clothing and use a variety of warming techniques to keep the children comfortable. We take a child’s safety quite seriously, while  stretching their capabilities by developing both courage and tenacity.

Treewild is committed to creating a diverse and delightful group of children through our application process.
Our sliding scale tuition aims to be as fair and inclusive as possible.
If your family’s combined gross income is:
under 50k   $40/day 
50-100         $65/day
100-200k    $90/day
over 200k    $115/day

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