Treewild Forest Classroom Application

Treewild Forest Classroom

Treewild is welcoming applications for children interested in attending for the 2023-2024 school year. Children come to this outdoor classroom one day per week, from October through May. Treewild is a multi-age experience, with a younger group and an older group.

We are considering adding a half-day kindergarten program this fall. Your preferences indicated on this form will help us determine our course of action. When your child is accepted, we will send you the registration link, and their place will be confirmed upon receipt of that form.

Tuition for the full day is $300 per month. If we run a half-day kindergarden, tuition will be $200 per month.

Treewild is committed to being financially available to all children. Families who make less than 75k are offered a range of scholarships depending on need. The scholarship fund is supported by families who are able to make a one-time or monthly tax-deductible contribution. Treewild welcomes children from all backgrounds, aware that diversity is vitality.

Please fill out one application per child

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