All summer camps include Spellcasting and Capture the Dragon, Quidditch, or other magical game. Every day we do a meditative journey. Magicians are encouraged to bring in “homework” to share their creativity with the group and receive house points. There will likely be a gathering to celebrate the week on Friday.
Camps are $360, and run from 9-4. Before/after care (8-5) are available.
Many of our families generously contribute to our scholarship fund to enable all children to come to camp! If you would like a scholarship, please indicate on the registration form. We also have a few full scholarships set aside for New Americans, Indigenous Americans, and families who would otherwise not be able to attend due to financial restrictions.
Treewild is a 501-c3 Non Profit.

Midsummer Night Spells
with Kestrel Plump and Abi Sandy

Welcome to midsummer! When the sun is so long in the sky we are grateful for the gifts of the dark. This week, we will be dipping into the delights of Shakespeare, honoring ancient herbology potions, and adventuring into the world of the fey. We will cast spells with the magic of Queen Titania, and of mischievous Puck.
We’ll dowse for a soliloquy that will turn into a somniferous mantra. We’ll dye herbs on silk and bind them into a dream pillow. We will learn grounding tools and spells to tend the garden of our dreams, and capture dream imagery in our Japanese origami journals.
In the woods, we will explore the magic of the moss fairy and look for doors into the otherworld. This is a time of year when the waking reality of plants is so present, and the bounty and beauty of the green beings are eager to share their wisdom.

Animal Communication

For beginners as well as experienced EC animal communicators who want to deepen their skills, we will explore art of communicating with animals, both wild and tame. We’ll learn how to clear our minds and hearts, then reach out to establish a connection with various animals, from creatures in the woods to our own pets. We will be able to ask questions in a blind trial and verify the accuracy of our answers as we sharpen our intuitive skills.
This week, we will also deepen our relationships with our power animals, going into their world and exploring all that friendship has to offer. We will also dive into the significance and symbolism of animals that show up at certain times in our lives to give us a nudge to make us more aware of the support we’re getting from the universe.

The Magic of Song

This is a week of music and art. We’ll explore the magic of old and new folk songs, and decide on a set that we really love. Then we’ll dive into the imagery that those songs evoke and create crankie art to bring the musical stories alive. Instruments are welcome this week!
Crankies are the original motion pictures, a long scroll of an illustration that animates as it is rolled through a box. In small groups, we will choose a song and each group will create a crankie for their song. If they turn out well, it is possible that we will use some of these Crankies in the Borderlands performance this fall!!


Dragon Glamour

This is a week where we become dragons.
We’ll dive into the art of creating a dragon face, working with advanced face-painting skills. Then we will create a potion that will turn into a set of natural nourishing face paints tinted with mica. To top it off, we’ll create our own dragon wings, so that when we lift our arms we transform into flying sorcerers.
We will work with the power of dragons, including the power of speech and the power of fire, learning to amplify our voices and shape how we are seen in the world.


Here There be Giants

Once upon a time there was a land where giants roamed, and all creatures had the subtle and fantastic power to create. This is a week of storytelling and myth making about the often misunderstood giants. From the Green Man to the Norse giants to the creatures of Miyazaki’s Mononoke, we will breathe life into these mythical beings of long ago.
Of course we will have to make a giant, so as a group we will be constructing a huge Bread-and-Puppet style puppet Giant that will be featured in the Borderlands performance in October!


New this fall!
Theater Workshop for the BORDERLANDS

Middle and High School students are invited to join an 8-week intensive theater workshop. They will dig deep into performance skills: dramatic monologue, storytelling, singing, puppetry and audience engagement. 

The workshops become rehearsals as the performance develops, and the last three weeks are the actual renowned Borderlands performances, held at Shelburne Farms. To reserve a spot and for more info, click the box on the form.

Reserve a spot for 2022-23 Treewild Forest Classroom

One day a week, your child opens to wonder and discover in the wild. Treewild kids are excused from indoor school to learn experientially about anything from maple sugaring to the chemistry of water.

Many studies have shown how a day outdoors increases focus and academic ability all week long. But even more importantly, being part of the Forest Classroom community increases their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

If you are interested in learning more, indicate on the registration form which day(s) you might want.

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