Seven Powers from Seven Dwarves

We will delve into the delights of dwarves, with their earthy rooted connections. This will be an week of wonders, learning about the powers of Divination, Dowsing, Forging, Shifting, Gemstones, Treelore, and Songsmithing.

Chemical Alchemy - from soap to chocolates

Chemistry is the modern interpretation of the ancient magic of alchemy. Our work will involve transformation, transmutation, and wonder. This week we’ll create fantastic potions, and dive into the chemical understructure of why they work. We’ll divine how to make chocolate bars and truffles, and then to balance things, we’ll create herbal soaps, both bar and liquid!

Creations Week – two project-based camps for ages 10+  Each camp will fill with half the number of magicians

1. Spellspinning: Working with Wool

Beginning with raw wool, we will learn to spin spells, dye skeins of yarn, and knit using a powerful creation mantra. We’ll felt juggling balls and learn the artistic technique of needle felting. We’ll explore the powers of colors, the rituals of repetition, and learn how a hundred tiny spells bind together to create great magic.

Elvin Tree Houses

This is an intensive workshop with Joplin to learn how to design and construct a whimsical tree house.  For part of each day we’ll work together to build an Elvin Tree House. Then everyone will be able to come up with a concept, design and build a model of a structure they would like to make now, or sometime in the future. We will be working with power tools as well as sharp knives to construct the model. 

Spellbinding and Storywinding

This week we’ll dive into the language of magic, and the magic of language. We’ll look at various alphabets to devise our own magical script. We’ll craft spells with quill and ink. And we’ll explore the power of story, those ancient mythic stories that have been shared around the fire for a thousand years. We will ask questions of the characters and find out their curiosities. Every magician will choose an old tale to re-tell, and we will revel in the craft of writing and the art of storytelling a fabulous tale.

Spirit Path - walking with invisible beings

This is an advanced week of magic for experienced magicians to develop their intuitive arts. We will explore the natural psychic powers, both inner knowing and energetic healing. We’ll learn to communicate with the tangible world and also with things invisible to see – plants, animals, guides and ghosts. We will learn the art of discernment, so that the stones that mark your best path will shine as a guide in your mind.

A Little Night Magic -

Come late in the afternoon for a week of exploring the wonders of the night. We’ll explore both astrology and astronomy, identify constellations, search for meteors, learn how to use a telescope, and of course sit around a campfire. We’ll learn songs, play our instruments, and sing to the night sky (with appropriate social distance!) We will dig into our shadow selves, the things we don’t like to admit to others – and do the hard but rewarding work of integrating and appreciating our darker nature. We’ll tell stories of the stars and make powerful fire spells. This will be an enchanting week!   If it is safe enough with Covid, we’ll end this week with a sleep-out. Additional fees will apply if that happens.

All camps include Spellcasting and Quidditch, Capture the Dragon, or other magical game. Every day we do a meditative journey. Magicians are encouraged to bring in “homework” to share their creativity with the group and receive house points. Because of Covid restrictions, we will probably  not be doing performances this year, but there will be a gathering to celebrate the week on Friday.

Camps are $350. There is no deposit to apply. Tuition can be paid at once, or in installments via ACH transfers. Scholarships are available for New Americans, Indigenous Americans, and families that would otherwise not be able to attend due to financial restrictions. Email to inquire.

Treewild is a 501-c3 Non Profit. We welcome contributions to the scholarship fund! In 2021 we have a matching grant for up to $3000, so any contribution will be doubled.

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