Personal emPower for Teens

All the tools we play with during the summer camps have real life applications. From dowsing to journeys, these tools can help you remember what you’re learning, can guide your decisions, and can make sure you don’t date someone who is a total looser. LOL. We’ll do divinations, practical spells, make potions that help concentration and play quidditch, of course. Kids have been asking for years for a week that addresses real life for a teen. This is the week!

Talking to Pets -
Intuitive Animal Communication

Want to talk to your pets and hear what they have to say? This week we learn how to communicate intuitively with animals. We will work with our own pets, with each other’s pets, and with animals at Treewild. Intuition gets better with practice, so even if you’ve done this before, your experience will only get better. Bonus, this week we will have Sal’s puppies around, and we will work on training them!

Plant Magic
Getting things to Grow

Growing is magic, and plants, just like people, grow better when they are  appreciated. We’ll do experiments to see what happens when you direct positive energy towards plants. We’ll discover if they respond to music or art. Magicians will go home with some cheerful transplants to tuck into their own gardens or window boxes.

Make a Joyful Noise
Music in the Wild

We will open up the window to the magical world by singing and playing music in the wild. We will perform for trees and for crickets, for fairies and for fireflies. Each magician will create a nature-based instrument, anything from a drum to a lute, and we will have a wild-woods orchestra.

Art in Nature
inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy is one of our favorite artists. He works with “temporal art” – his pieces change with time. We will make art out of nature this week, leaf and flower mandalas, balancing structures, and rain shadows (if it rains.) We’ll document our work in photographs as Goldsworthy does to show how the pieces change with the sun, wind and weather.

Earth Dragons
Dowsing Energy Lines

In every camp, we learn how to use the pendulum. This week, we will take dowsing to a new level. The earth is full of energy, focused in ley lines. We can discover where the lines become powerful earth dragons.  We’ll learn how to search for water, and how to measure the energy of a tree. We also will explore our own energy, aura size and understand personal space in a whole new light.

Plant Potions
Healing with Nature

Many plants have properties that are healing for both the body and the spirit. We will spend this week communicating with plants, extracting their goodness, and learning how to create tinctures, balms and remedies that really work. Magicians go home with a basket of potions and a new understanding about how people and plants can support each other so we all thrive.

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