August 17-21

It is easy to define yourself by what you do, be it varsity soccer or theater, playing the french horn or dungeons & dragons. But it’s a little less easy to sort out WHO you are, and this is the question that should drive choices you make, from the classes you take in high school, to summer jobs, from relationships to internships.

This retreat is for young adult magicians who want to deepen their self-knowledge by exploring divinations, potions, and energy work. You’ll work with creating safe boundaries and cutting unhealthy cords to others. You’ll talk about navigating relationships using a spirit journey to get sage advice. You’ll craft herbal potions to balance body and spirit and to focus your mind. You’ll work with the cards and astrology to help discern where your passions lie. We’ll even explore how foods affect the mind and our ability to focus. This week will give you tools that will help you navigate school all year long.

This retreat runs from 10am to 5pm daily.

$350 – Snacks and lunch provided.

The work done this week will be offered during the school year as well, for both students who have attended the camp, and those who were not able to come.

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