Treewild opens this fall for three full days of wild-wood learning starting the week of September 14th. Intended for either public school opt-out or home-school support, this program fosters deep intellectual curiosity with nature knowledge. We celebrate music, art, reading, storytelling and writing, applied math, hands-on science, project based learning, meditation, movement,

 and powerful magic.

Led by renowned outdoor classroom specialist, Joplin James who will be co-teaching with Caryn Shield, a middle school STEM and Spanish teacher.

As always, Treewild is committed to being very COVID-safe.

Treewild Forest Classroom is a year-long program that will continue to provide outdoor education for children long after Covid is over. This year it is offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays and Fridays are for younger children (K-3) and Wednesdays is for older kids (4th grade and up.) We will follow the CVSD school calendar. Treewild is committed to creating a diverse and delightful group of children through our application process.

to apply for a spot on the wait list, go to

If you have a confirmed spot in Treewild Forest Classroom, please register here

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