Summer 2024

Note: there is a required question on the sign-up form that it might help to prepare in advance before registration opens: Please have your magician answer these questions in their own words:


What is your most powerful magic?

What magic have you observed this year?

What magic do you want to learn?


Animal Communication

Imagine if you could actually connect with your beloved pet and understand what they were thinking or feeling. Many children naturally have that intuitive skill, and learn to forget how to use it as they become used to the “real world.” This week we will practice and polish the skills of intuition so that a child can reach out and sense what their pet is feeling, speak with someone else’s pet, or even attempt to communicate with a wild animal. We’ll work with professional animal communicator, and explore talking with a variety of animals from birds to dogs to maybe even … cats! This is a popular week, because kids who have taken it before love to take it again for the practice. The more they work on this magical skill, the more accurate they become!


Elemental Spellcasting

Most of the great magical systems tap into the power of the elements – Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. We will explore these magical powers, discovering how we can harness elemental movement in our bodies, and how we can channel the powers when interacting with the world. We’ll learn about chakras and auras, clearing and protection. Of course the creatures of the elements will come in for a visit – elemental dragons and elemental fey. We will make elemental spell jars, and use them to  draw on the powers of the elements, and how to release undesired energy by using the opposing power. We will even see how the elements are represented in the food we eat based on the Ayurvedic system.



Edible Fairy Houses

Architectural enthusiasts unite! Let’s design and create some fabulous edible houses, one for the woodland creatures, and one for ourselves to eat! Starting with gingerbread or other good construction-ready cookie dough, we’ll design, sculpt and decorate whimsical houses to feed both the imagination and the birds, deer, raccoons, fairies… and us! We’ll think about space and how it nourishes us, creating the imagined room of our dreams.

Chef Jonathan Davis (Davis Studios, Pie Society) will lead the bakers to glory this week.



Sorceress' Apprentice - advanced magical skills

For experienced Enchantment Camp Wizards who want to do a deep dive into some of the more powerfully useful magical tools. Each apprentice will choose a path: Flower Essences, Tarot or Astrology. You will spend hours developing that skill to a higher level of proficiency. (The intention is to run this camp for 3 years, so this group will be able to work with all three elements at this advanced level.

Everyone will craft and bind a personal grimoire – a magical journal bound into leather with hand-sewn signatures and pressed watercolor paper. This sacred book will hold the story of our true magical selves, and will be illustrated with ink and artifact, sigils and spells.


Music for Magicians

This is a week for musicians who want to amplify their skills using magic. We’ll work on simple pieces we can play together, and teach more advanced players to do harmony and improvisation. For children who are musical, but don’t play an instrument, they are invited to join the chorus of voices. We will use the power of dowsing to magically tune the instruments, and connect with the earth to bring grounding and control to music as it whips like wind and fire!

This week is in development. Check back for further details!

Enchanted Forest Landscape with Glittering Leaves Magic Fantasy Firefly Generative AI

Neverland - a Musical Theater Production

The true story of Peter Pan is far more magical than the one Barrie wrote in 1904. Peter brings children to “Neverland” or the Isle of the Blessed, to entertain the ancient gods and goddesses of Ireland (who these days are diminished by the title fey folk, or fairies.) Dennach (Dusty) is Pan’s tiny fairy companion. The Scamps are children who’ve slipped through a gap between the worlds, and Greenwich, the pirate queen keeps Mean Time, which threatens the very existence of the world of the fey, as they depend on its timelessness for magic.

This two-week camp will have actors, of course, but you can also sign up to do set design and puppetry, or to do costume construction and make-up. We’ll even need a drone operator to pilot the tiny Dennach. The actors will have auditions in June, and receive their scripts then, so they can spend the time together growing as actors instead of learning lines.

Camp will run M-F from 9-4. Dress rehearsal will be Friday night 8/9. There will be two performances on Saturday August 10th, a matinee and an evening show.

Those who attend this camp will be invited to audition for the BORDERLANDS production in the fall, based on the same play.


2024-25 Treewild Forest Classroom Registration opens in March

One day a week, your child opens to wonder and discover in the wild. Treewild kids are excused from indoor school to learn experientially about anything from maple sugaring to the chemistry of water.

Many studies have shown how a day outdoors increases focus and academic ability all week long. But even more importantly, being part of the Forest Classroom community increases their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

If you are interested in learning more, indicate on the registration form, and we will contact you when registration opens.

About Enchantment Camps

Enchantment Camps celebrates the real magic that surrounds us when we pay attention.
Nature, science, spirit and imagination come together in a week of abundant wonder. 

All camps include a Spellcasting tournament and Capture the Dragon, Quidditch, or other magical games.
Every day we do a meditative journey.
Magicians are encouraged to bring in “homework” to share their creativity with the group and receive house points.
There is often a celebration at 3pm on Friday, depending on the theme.

Enchantment Camps is all-encompassing.Please do your best to schedule activities on other weeks of the summer so kids can live the magic!

Camps are $375, and run from 9-4. Before and/or after care (8-5) are available for a $10/hour fee.

Many of our families generously contribute to our scholarship fund to enable all children to come to camp! If you would like a scholarship, please indicate on the registration form. We  have a few full scholarships set aside for New Americans, Indigenous Americans, and families who would otherwise not be able to attend due to financial restrictions.

Treewild is a 501-c3 Non Profit.
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