Enchantment Camps Wizards-in-Training

In the summer of 2023, we will begin a new program for a few selected young people who are eager to take on more responsibility at Treewild. Becoming a wizarding leader involves learning a great deal of meticulous details, while training to be proactive, independently responsible, and cheerfully engaged.


The Details:

WITs must be at least 12 years of age.

While they are helping with camp, they will also be able to participate in the activities.

A WIT may train one week and attend camp a different week if they would like.
There are three camps this summer that are specifically for older students, so no WITs – 
Tarot & Astrology Intensive (July 24 week,)
Moon Magic (July 31 week,) and
Borderlands Theater Camp (August 14 week)

We will schedule our WITs for one or two camps, depending on availability and interest

There is a $200 fee to be a WIT, which includes a full day of orientation on Saturday June 10th
and a week of camp, with all materials and activities provided.


The Future

After three summers of training, a WIT will be eligible to be hired for a summer job. Enchantment Camps pays competitive rates for both high school and college aged students, but we have only a few positions available each summer. The skills learned at being a WIT will be valuable at any job, as well as living at home.
Enchantment Camps is happy to provide references.


The Dog or Cat Question
we love cats. we hire dogs.

Dogs: “Ball? I’ve got it! Now what do you want me to do?”

Cats: “Ball? I see it. I'll get it. When I'm done. And after my nap."

What a Wizard-in-Training will learn

how to work like a dog

Anticipatory action

Seeing something that needs to be done and doing it, correctly, and without being told

Asking questions so that they have the information and the skills to get the job done

Come up with creative solutions to spontaneous problems

Doing what they are asked to do when they are asked to do it

Working with focus and efficiency

Doing the “dirty work” with good cheer

Doing the “boring stuff” with good cheer


They will also learn

how to initiate an idea

how the little details create the big picture

how to smoothly process emotions so they don’t get in the way

how to communicate clearly

Amplifying and appreciating all the magic and wonder
that happen around here
when all the systems are in place
and working beautifully because
they are part of the system!

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