July 27-31
note: Alchemy is appropriate for First Years!

Alchemy, whose sacred secrets have long been shrouded in mystery, is the early magician’s attempts at chemistry. We’ll see where hard science meets soft magic this week, creating potions that heal, potions that make us wonder, and potions that taste delicious. We will look at the chemistry behind the alchemy and the healing properties of the plants that we use. Plan to go home with tons of goodies!

Alchemy will be open to First Year magicians, so we will go into some depth with dowsing with a pendulum, going on a journey, finessing Quidditch skills, and of course casting spells. There will be a exhibition Spellcasting Tournament on Friday afternoon for the parents,

Camp runs from 9:00 to 4:00; before / after care available.

$350 includes all materials and snacks.

If you need a new robe, wand, or polo shirt, order them on the application.

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