Welcome to Enchantment Camps!

Summer Camps 2022

  • June 27 - July 1

    A Midsummer Night's Spells

  • July 11-15

    Animal Communication

  • July 18-22

    Magicking Song

  • July 25-29

    Dragon Glamour

  • August 1-5

    Here There Be Giants

NEW!! Fall 2022


We are thrilled to announce this seven-week workshop for older students who want to dive into the radical art of pageantry and outdoor performance.


Working with area theater professionals, these students learn to craft poetry, song, storytelling, monologues, puppetry, advanced face painting, and dynamic audience engagement.


The culminating performances tell an overarching mythical story over a mile-long walk through the woods.

The Theater Workshop will be held on Saturdays in Sep. and Oct.

Treewild Forest Classroom 2022-2023 School Year

Treewild Forest Classroom

Once a week, your child is excused from their regular school to come experience the magic of learning from nature.

In a forest classroom, children discover tenacity and courage, wonder and free-spirited joy.

We believe that breathing in fresh air, running and playing hard, and just plain getting dirty are all rights of childhood. Rather delightfully, shown through many academic studies, these things also increase learning outcomes across the curriculum.

Treewild Forest Classroom is excitingly academic,  hands-on experiential, arts-integrated, grounded in emotional intelligence and centered in spirit.

Registration opens in March.

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