Summer 2020

We are committed to keeping all our magicians and their families safe and healthy this summer. We will abide by the governor's limitations, and have some of our own. See details below...

COVID Summer Details

Treewild 2020

We have been hearing from many of our families whose children are longing for the magic and freedom of being at Treewild this summer. As per the restrictions set out by the state of Vermont, we will be offering a modified version of our program so that we can provide a place for children to practice their magic, process their emotions, and play in the great outdoors with respectful social distance.

Be Prepared

Please understand that if anyone who has been at Treewild contracts Covid-19 this summer, we will close camps until we are fully quarantined, cleaned and clear.

Restructured Camps

In order to make it safe for our magicians and their families, we have restructured the camp offerings for this summer. We will strictly limit the number of children, but are offering more camps. Because of this, all the current registrations are void, and you will need to sign up for the weeks you would like. There is no limit on the number of weeks.

Each camp will have spells and homework, quidditch and journeys. Each week will focus in on a subject. We will not have a play, or the intricate art projects we do indoors. We will not provide snacks. All camps will be outside all day. The hours will be 9-3. If you need aftercare, it will be $10/hour per child, available until 5pm.

Compassionate Fees  :-)

Many of you  have had your income affected by the pandemic. Because of this, we are offering a sliding scale this summer.

         $400 is enough to cover EC costs and a scholarship
         $300 is enough to cover costs
         $200 is enough to cover costs with a scholarship

Please pay the amount that feels right to you!
Robes, wand and polo shirt $ is the same, as we price them at our cost.

Safety Requirements

In order to be safe, we have put some requirements in place for your child to come to camp:

1. Check your child’s temperature each morning. If anyone in your household is sick, do not bring your child to camp. We will refund you the money for any day(s) lost due to illness.

2. We will provide each child with a dragon skin mask that has an inner vapor barrier lining. You are responsible for washing the masks with soap and hot water each evening and disposing of the lining, which we will replace daily.

3. Enchantment Camps will not be providing food. Please pack healthy snacks and lunches (with minimal packaging.)

4. We will be entirely outdoors. While we will have shelters up, please prepare your child for the weather.

5. You must do a tick check each evening.

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