We are committed to keeping all our magicians and their families safe and healthy. We will abide by the governor's limitations, and have some of our own. See details below...

Welcome to Enchantment Camps!

This summer we are offering a wide variety of camps to bring the thrill of powerful real magic to all our magicians. We are keeping the group size strictly limited. Sign up on the APPLY page – we’ll sort kids into camps, getting you into as many as we can, doing our best to keep siblings and friends in the camps they want.  We will let you know asap which camps you’re in, and send you the registration link.

This summer, we will keep up COVID safety protocol, while providing space and opportunity for children to regain their balance by being creative, joyful and outside in the wonder of nature.

COVID-19 Safety Details

Covid-Free Treewild

Last summer was very successful with all the children protected from Covid transmission, while still being able to play with enthusiasm. Our dragon-skin masks were a badge of honor. Kids kept their hands clean. Everybody respected a good 10-15′ distance while eating or working without masks. We intend to continue our strict policy to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

Be Prepared

Please understand that if anyone who has been at Treewild contracts Covid-19, we will close camps until we are fully quarantined, cleaned and clear.

Safety Requirements

In order to be safe, we have put some requirements in place for your child to come to Treewild:

1. Check your child’s temperature each morning. If anyone in your household is sick, do not bring your child to school. We check temperatures when children first arrive, and ask a set of questions of both the parent and the child. Children are dropped off one by one, and must pass through the covid safety screen and wash hands before entering.

2. We will provide masks for the children, but they need to have a back-up mask in case the first one gets wet. It is essential that all masks are form-fitting over the nose so that kids don’t have to reach up to adjust it. Behind the head ties usually work better than ear holders. Knit fabric without a filter is too porous to be safe.

3. We provide hand sanitizer that we have augmented with essential oils to ward off microbes. When kids touch their mask, we give a squirt, or encourage them to use their own small sanitizer bottle.

4. We have hand-washing stations in several locations, and children wash their hands before and after lunch, and after doing anything that gets them dirty.

3. We will not be providing food. Please pack healthy snacks and lunches. All wrappers and packaging needs to be brought home, so do your best to pack food in reusable containers.

4. We will be entirely outdoors. While we will have shelters up, we don’t avoid rain, snow, sleet or (small) hail! Please prepare your child for the weather.

5. Tick born illnesses are no joke. Please do a thorough tick check each evening.

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